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I have paperwork that needs to be securely stored offsite...


I have confidential documents that need to be shredded...


I have documents that need to be digitally scanned...


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Deadfiles have been offering Archive & Document Storage Services in Cheshire and the North West for over 30 years. Our Trained Staff have combined experience of over 50 years in the storage industry

We are passionate about helping businesses just like yours protect their information. Document Storage has become a vital component of everyday business. You may think we are a little crazy, but we love it! We thrive on helping businesses, just like yours and this is why Deadfiles has built a reputation for being the finest Document Storage company in Cheshire and the North West.
Deadfiles have been offering Archive Storage and retrieval services in Cheshire and the North West for over 30 years. We see ourselves as an add on to your team,  your very own expert archiving department. Our friendly, but professional service is here to support you whenever you need it.
Document Storage (often referred to as Archive Storage or Records Management) is the only way to protect your business files offsite. Storing documents in your office, garage or basement can take up much-needed space, create a Health & Safety hazard and expose your business to potential outside risks. So if you are struggling for a solution to your paperwork headaches, you're in the right place.

How It All Works


A great starting point start is to count how many files or boxes you have to store! It gives us a great idea to the volume of paperwork that needs to be stored and how many boxes you will need.

Flatpack Boxes

Once we have an idea how the number of files you have for storage, we will provide you with our flatpack boxes. If you already have boxes, make sure they are sturdy!


We can provide you with our listing templates but if you already have your own index don’t worry, we can incorporate your system into our database! If you would like us to undertake the indexing process then just let us know.


Once all of your files have been boxed, labelled and listed we’ll come and collect them from you and place them into storage at our secure storage facility.


Your files are securely in storage, but what happens when you want them back? You will have access to our delivery & collection services, no matter when you need them, rest assured they will be with you. Whether it’s Next Day, Same Day or Urgent Delivery you require your files are delivered, directly to your desk.

100% of our clients said they would describe us as "Secure, Local & Reliable"
100% of our clients told us our delivery service was first class or very good
100% of the clients stated they always found what they were looking for, when looking for boxes
100% of our clients told us our staff are “True Gentlemen”, representing the company well

Confidential Shredding

Why is Deadfiles the secure confidential shredding company of choice for you?

● We are a local business. So we can offer you a regular or ad hoc collection service. Some businesses opt for our secure console service and we collect their unwanted documentation every two weeks. Others prefer our ad hoc bag only service. Really it’s down to you and your business needs.
● It’s an incredibly cost effective service. The good news is that you can protect your business reputation and do your bit for the environment without making a dent in your budget. We may even be able to save you money.
● With ID fraud well and truly on the rise, it is no longer an option for any business handling sensitive or confidential data to bury their head in the sand and hope that neither they nor their clients become victims.
● A trusted supplier for secure shredding businesses in Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside & Lancashire for over a decade.

Shredding Bag



What makes us stand out?

A face and voice you recognise.
Someone with a knowledge of your account.
Someone committed to helping you cut costs, increase efficiencies and maximise your profits.
Welcome to Deadfiles.

Document Scanning

Do you need more office space and instant access to your documents? Have you considered digitising your records?


Access to information is a fundamental business necessity nowadays, sometimes you cannot wait for a file to be delivered back to you, or spend time searching for files. Our digital transition programme ensures your records will be scanned and accessible whenever you need them.

Your files will be indexed and scanned using the latest technology ensuring all your documents are searchable and scanned to highest quality, in colour or black and white.

Every business’s scanning requirements are different, that is why we do not offer a one size fits all approach. We tailor our service to suit your needs, providing an expert digital archiving service. We provide our clients with a digital archive of their files delivering a secure, manageable, indexed, fully searchable and easily accessible digital database.